Spokane Web Development and Design

I specialize in template design using WordPress as my main CMS. 

Spokane Web Development and Design

I specialize in template design using WordPress as my main CMS. 


Custom WordPress Theme Design, Coding, SEO, Graphic Design. I design and build themes for WordPress. I have always been into design and art. I attended Seattle’s art institute and continue to push my graphic design to new levels. My styles range from corporate to slightly graffiti looking. I also like working with clients on their logos and doing caricatures.

Web Design

Web design and development encompasses a very wide range of skill sets. Not only does your site need to look professional and current, but it needs to function properly as well. I have spent the last 15 years or so, learning how to bring all of these skills together into one. I am the designer and the developer. There is no need to try to explain the design to the coder or have the coder make things look nice; I do it all. 

Web Development

I taught myself how to write database driven sites using Classic ASP many years ago. I used both MySQL and MSSQLSERVER databases. I can now write in several coding languages including PHP, ASP.NET /VB and some Python. I also use JQuery and Javascript.

WordPress Theme Development

I now spend a great deal of my time designing and building custom themes for WordPress. My goal with my theme designs to make unique sites each time and to make them look less and less like a theme. When needed I will use my own photography to make that happen. 

Recent Blog Activity


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Things I have been working on

Let me show you what I have been doing lately. 

Logo Design

Logo design for Dr. Wray

Sports Teams Logos

Logos come in all different styles and purposes. These are styled or your sports team. 


I usually take your logo and use mockups to show you what your logo will look like on business cards, shirts, and anything else you might use the logo on. 

Custom Templates

Designed from the ground up.