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Who is Timothy Eberly?

Sipping coffee and thinking about work

An analytical dreamer.

I am a family man, with a lovely wife and three wonderful kids, coffee and a dog. 

Coffee houses. Brick walls. Eclectic art. Photography and my computer. That is me. I love my coffee. If I had my way I would sit at the window dreaming about spring sipping a latte. An analytical dreamer. 

I find myself wanting to argue about the world, and at the same time, I really really want to forget it all and let someone else worry about it. 

Website Goals

  • To share with you the SEO techniques that I find work so that your website will outperform your competition. 
  • Provide my SEO services if you want to hire me to work on your project. 
  • Listen to you and give you what you are asking for on this site.

Located near Spokane WA