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Internet marketing is a collection of techniques used to increase your site traffic and sales. I am sharing what I have learned over the past 20 years with you. 

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I am a web developer/designer that has been working in all fields of web design. Everything from coding the backend, graphics and now SEO/marketing.


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You probably need to change the way you market your site!

By the time you read this sentence about 40 people have already hit publish on their blog post for the day. That’s because 83 thousand people post an hour. That’s over a thousand a minute. Now, how are you going to compete with that?  Internet Marketing. 

You need inbound marketing instead of traditional marketing!

With traditional marketing, you push your product or service on your customer with commercials, emails (spam), and things like door to door sales. Inbound marketing looks to draw your customers in by better serving them. You can do that with blog posts, videos, and other creative uses of content. 

This website is going to help you with your website’s digital marketing with our informational posts and ebooks (coming soon). 

There are lots companies in Spokane that can produce a fine looking website, unfortunately, that is all they do. Of all the companies I have worked with in Spokane only one of them understood that a website was a valuable part of a larger marketing plan. 

Whether you have a site design already or are starting from scratch, a successful website requires a good marketing plan. It has to work well, not just look good. 

What you need is some internet marketing:

Inbound Marketing Works!

SEO and Digital Marketing Blog

Everything from SEO to inbound marketing is discussed in the blogs.

Location. Location. Location.

Spokane has it all and it is ready for you to dominate it with your business. I live in Nine Mile Falls, but I consider Spokane and Coeur d’Alene to be home.