There is a saying “Content is king”.
What this basically means is that people will visit your site and keep coming back based on how relevant your content is to their needs.
Good content, well-written articles, images, and videos, will build site trust.
Whereas keyword stuffing and duplicate content look spammy and will hurt your site’s trust factor. Google will reward good content and punish really bad content.

Serve Your Customer

Being clear about what you are offering is a big part of providing for your customers. This also goes to trust. Not that you would mean to be dishonest, but that people don’t feel comfortable with you being able to […]

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Be Trustworthy

Most of us have learned that asking certain friends for favors is a bad idea. Years ago I asked a friend I didn’t know all that well for a ride to the airport. He said I could trust him; that […]

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