February 18, 2017

Be Honest

Be Honest
No one likes a liar or a cheat, especially Google!

Your Site Needs to be Trustworthy in Order to Rank Well With Google.
Google’s success is dependent on its accuracy. Pretty obvious right? What this means is that Google spends countless dollars making sure cheaters (black hat sites) are not getting the same results as legitimate businesses. Try to cheat the system and you could find yourself banned or black listed. Even just working with a cheater can tank your site’s rank. So my advice is to avoid cheats, liars and scam artists! Treat them like the plague and stay away.

What is Black Hat SEO?
Systems that manipulate search engines in an attempt to help them rank better are considered blackhat techniques. For example, the better your site and business are doing the more people link to your site. This is great, but don’t ever pay for a link to your site with the express goal of passing along the pagerank to your site. Sponsored links like that can cause your site to be banned without you even knowing about it. There are other ways to getting links without paying a company to put your link on their page of links.