February 18, 2017

Be Positive

Being Positive is Important
Learning to be positive about yourself and what you are doing is a bigger part of success than you might think.

Staying Positive with Peter Greene

Staying Positive with Peter Greene

Positivity leads to confidence
No one cares what you look like when you are confident.

People will try hard to manipulate people will low self-esteem, but not those with overflowing self-confidence. When you act with confidence people will listen to you. When you act with low self-esteem people will argue and try to get you to listen to their ideas over your own. If you are a parent you will understand what I am about say.

The best way to protect your children from the influence of bad people is to instill in them a deep and powerful confidence. A confident child is not manipulated by the fleeting attention from others. They don’t need to impress anyone and therefore will not fall for the traps that other kids tend to set.

I will use myself as an example. I got into a fight the first week I was in high school. This happened because I was not sure myself. I was told that a certain kid hated me and wanted to fight me. I was too insecure to shrug what was being told me. I sought out the advice of someone I was trying to impress and they told me I should fight the kid because backing down would make me look weak. So not having the confidence to reason this out for myself I met the kid after school and was soon knocked unconscious.

Lacking in self-confidence can lead people to go to parties and drink themselves stupid. They do things like that thinking that people will talk about them and they will be popular; popular for being an idiot. Bad attention is better than no attention. Poor confidence can also allow people to manipulate you out of fear. No one wants to be bullied around, but very few people do anything to help kids resist the bully.

My kids are in Jiu Jitsu to help them learn how to control situations that other kids would be lost in. I know I cannot stop all the bullies in the world, so I will train my kids to deal with the bullies if and when they encounter one. I saw a kid try to threaten my 10-year-old, and instead of being scared he actually just laughed at the kid. He was not intimidated.

Staying Positive Win or Lose

Never speak bad things about yourself

Two of the most confident people I know didn’t start out that way. However, they both have a similar approach to negative words. Some people want to know what some of our traits are that we are proud of. Some want to know what we would consider to be our worst traits. They may ask us what we feel are our greatest weaknesses.

Both of my friends refuse to do anything of the sort. It is bad enough that others tear us down with words, they are not going to be doing it themselves. Never talk poorly about yourself. Never answer the question of what is your worst characteristic. Only focus on the positive.

In time this will build your confidence.

If you find yourself lacking knowledge in a certain area. Educate yourself. Likewise train your body. A weak body will cause you to doubt yourself. For whatever it’s worth don’t neglect your physical side. You don’t need to be super fit. Anything you do to improve in this area will help a thousand times over.

Stay positive because you need positivity in your posts and you need to remain positive and focus on your site’s marketing goals. It may take a little longer than you would like so keep your eyes on the goal.