How to find and hire the right SEO Company

June 19, 2017

Finding and Hiring an SEO company

Website Frustration

Are you just a tad frustrated with whole website process?

Over the years I have heard a lot of people complain about their websites. Have you been a little frustrated with your website’s performance too? It’s like it never really works the way you think it is supposed to, right? All you get are spam messages, and people asking you what your site address is because they can’t find it anywhere. And as a business owner, you sometimes wonder why you need a website when people are just going to call you anyway. Hey, you aren’t alone!

I get all that, but if you own a business you really should have a website. The question is, where does one go to get one? Where does one go to get their site working properly; to fix it?

I put myself in your shoes and spent some time looking for an SEO company in Spokane. This is what I found.

First, my expectations.

At the bare minimum, An SEO or marketing agency should strive to have a top notch site with good design and good on-page SEO. It would be really cool if the site was also creative. A local SEO company should also appear high in the SERPs. I understand if they are not on the first page, but I would kind of expect them to be above the companies that aren’t located anywhere near Spokane.

They should have social media accounts. A plus here is if the social media account is active, friendly, and mainly about their business and businesses in the area.

Some reviews would be nice.

The Reality.

Too many sites these days look pretty dated. Too many of them aren’t even responsive! I actually saw one with spam comments on their homepage.

It doesn’t matter if the sites used WordPress or something like it. In fact, I would encourage more people to use WordPress. They just shouldn’t expect WordPress to miraculously make their SEO work well.

They have missing h1 tags and alt tags are missing. Others had alt tags, but with bad anchor text.

Most of the time the content was boring and vague. In some of the more humorous examples, I saw line after line of tech-speak jargon instead of simple statements in English.

A few sites, however, rocked. They were creative and didn’t miss a beat when it came to on-page SEO. Zipline, LaunchedIT and Rainmaker Creative were really pretty nice to name a few.

Customer Responsibility.

Some of us need to change our minds about our websites.

Business Cards

Our websites are part of our business.

Basically, good business strategies work. But it seems that people simply don’t treat their website like a business. They treat it like a mailbox or siding on their house. Once they put it up they figure they don’t have to do anything with it for years and years.

It is probably because people just don’t know any different. This is the way it has been for years, so it is somewhat understandable that people think this way still. For instance, if you are the only good steak house in downtown Spokane I guess you wouldn’t really need to do much to your site because there isn’t any real competition right now. But I believe in the axiom that in business you are either moving forward or you’re dying. If you have a restaurant in downtown Spokane you could easily compete with the local steakhouse website because they don’t see any need in making their site useful for the customer. It could really cost them in the long run.

It could also be that they just don’t understand the potential of a well-built site on page one.

NOTE: I just checked their website again this morning and noticed they had it completely revamped. I am impressed! I guess they are not going to be content with sitting on the sidelines and watch others pass them by after all. Way to go guys! Of course, they had to get a Seattle company to build a decent website though, so I am not too happy about that. Local web businesses should probably take note.

How do I find a company that can handle my SEO?

You can start with testimonials, referrals, and word of mouth. But even then you have to consider who you are taking advice from. Ask yourself why are people recommending web developers anyway? Are they qualified or in a position to help you with their advice? Is it because they understand what a web developer is and are comfortable with their abilities? Or is it because a friend of theirs is looking for work and they thought they would just help them out by passing on their info?

“My friend has a camera on their phone; maybe they could shoot your wedding pictures for you.” … Ugh.

Shot of a wedding guest taking a photo of the bride and groom will a cellphone

Ask the SEO company to show you some of their results. Ask them if they do their own SEO or if they farm it out to another company. Go to their website and social media accounts. Check to see if their website is responsive. See if their social media is about the company or other random things.

You might also look into how much they are charging. 🙂

What Do SEO Companies Charge for Local SEO Services?

My Conclusion.

People have choices. They can choose fiverr and try to get their logo done for their company, or they can hire a local professional that knows what they are doing and actually care about your businesses success. The same goes for websites and their SEO. You can hire someone that doesn’t charge much, and perhaps even get away with it, but chances are it is not going to go over very well in the long run. It is your choice. My advice is be careful.

My advice is to be careful. Hire companies that know what they are doing or take the time to learn how to do it yourself.

Thank you for taking the time to check this out!


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Timothy is a web design and graphic artist that has been working in the business for over 20 years and has designed and built thousands of websites including one for a major ad firm in Spokane. In addition to graphic design and web development he also worked as a photographer on several films made in the Spokane area. You can connect with him on facebook and Google+.

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