June 5, 2017

How do I improve my search engine results?

ways to improve your search results

10 Essential Marketing Tips Guaranteed To Improve Your Search Results.

I understand your frustration and desire to show up higher in the search results. The competition is pretty stiff. It is the nature of competing with over 80 thousand posts an hour. If you thought you wouldn’t have to be thinking about SEO because you uploaded the latest SEO plugin to your WordPress theme, you are wrong.

If you thought you wouldn’t have to be thinking about SEO because you uploaded the latest SEO plugin to your WordPress theme, you are wrong.

Improving your search engine results is more involved than that. I realize that as a small business you don’t want to have to deal with this headache of ranking higher in the search results. You probably spent a ton of money, time and energy just getting your site built, and now you have to start thinking about marketing?

The site isn’t going to do it on its own? What did you just pay for then?

Exactly. I have been saying that for years.

You improve your search results in much the same way that you run your business.

What I mean by that is that digital marketing, or SEO, is not something only a computer geek can understand. Unless you hire a company like LaunchedIT to handle your SEO, you could be handing over your businesses SEO to someone that doesn’t know the first thing about marketing or running a business. What good is that?

People that understand business and marketing are going to be better at SEO than a computer geek. Sorry to say, but it’s true.

If you want to tackle some of it yourself that is awesome! Read up on what to do, take steps to improve your ranking and follow your stats. Keep doing that and you will begin to see better search results.



Step One: Research.

Consider what it is you want to rank for. Or another way to put it, what do you imagine people would be looking for when they find you? Put yourself in their shoes and imagine how they would search for what it is you offer.

Compare your site with your competition and see what they are doing. Can you do anything better than what they are doing?
Compare your site with: Keyword ExplorerUbersuggestAdWords

Step Two: Better Serve Your Customer.

Your site and your business is not about you it is about your customer. What are they after and how can you make their life easier?

Step Three: Improve your communication with your customer.

Taking words from a novel and randomly placing them on a page would make absolutely zero sense to anyone reading it. However, when you organize them into sentences, and paragraphs people are suddenly captivated by what you wrote. Your website is much the same way. Organize your thoughts on your page using titles and content in a logical way. Your page should have one main title. This main title is an h1 tag. (That is how computers know it is the main title). From that one main thought, you could have one or more subtitles. Subtitles rank from h2 to h4 in importance. Use the h1-h4 tags properly to help people and search engines make sense of your structure. This is especially important as AI begins to read and understand text more accurately.

Step Four: Don’t be a bore.

If you are going to say something, say something interesting. Add some humor to your content. Liven up your titles some. Boring, vague and repetitive titles are a thing of the past. People are much more apt to click and read a title like “You normally used to wax your car until this happened” rather than “Clean your car with our product

Step Five: Don’t ignore your images.

If you are using custom images then be sure to add the alt tag to them so search engines can find them. People often search for images instead of text content, so having them show up when they are searching for things is important. Watermarking them is another good way to make sure people know where to look for similar images. I rarely use a watermark to keep people from stealing the images. I use them to draw them back to my website for more images, or similar images.

People see your featured images when you share content so make them shareable. I like to add text to some of mine knowing that people will read an image over text in a shared post any day.

Step Six: Be trustworthy.

Don’t hide your address or phone number.

A statement that can be verified is more trustworthy. Avoid all that shady business and just be transparent for your customer.

Step Seven: Post fresh content.

Active sites do better than ones that have the same old content from a few years ago. If you are own a restaurant, update your menu. If you own a car lot, show us your new inventory.

Step Eight: Be social. Well, use social media to be social, that is what I meant.

Many times people will connect to your facebook page because they want to see what is happening with your business today. Today. They know they are going to be on Facebook like a hundred times before they make dinner this evening, so having your business page in their stream helps a lot. If you own restaurant, take it a step further and post your menu an hour or so before dinner! Make use of your social media!

Don’t use your social accounts for arguing or negativity. They should really be all about what your customer wants. Not so much about you.

Step Nine: Market, advertise, share your site everywhere all the time.

Doing a fund raiser? Cool. Have them mention your site. Helping someone with a podcast? Mention your site. Review something related to your business and get a link back to your site that way. For instance, if you own a printing company, reviewing the hats you are going to be printing on would be great!

Step Ten: Use hashtags when posting for extra shares.

A funny way of getting more shares is to use creative, clever hashtags. #pleasesharethis #helpabrotherout

Remember it is all about the customer. You are trying to pull your customer in by being everything they are wanting. Your content, style, humor, quality, all has an effect on your share-ability.

Now, go get ’em!

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