June 20, 2017

Keeping your ranking: How fixing a site can go wrong

Stay on track

Mistakes are things we can learn from:

I make mistakes. We all do. When I do make a mistake I want to learn from it. Google is a great motivator to stay on the right track. The rewards are awesome and the failures quite painful.

Chasing the Rabbit:

I have a personality type that is really very interesting. I love to figure out how things work. I build and test and build and test. I taught myself to play chess, juggle, ride a unicycle and write code for instance. I taught myself English and I am now teaching myself Korean. I love the learning process. The fact that I keep wanting to learn means I keep making changes and adjusting things, which is awesome until I adjust myself right out of the search results that I wanted to rank for. I tend to tweak and tweak projects until they are just right and then I will make some adjustments and slowly find myself off course again.

I will give you a great example: I want to rank for SEO Spokane. As I was working my way there I began to notice that web design was a large part of what people were looking for when they were looking for SEO, so I started to write a little more content on Web design. Web design and web development are pretty much the same thing, so I wrote some content about that too. Pretty soon my site was not really about SEO anymore and it dropped off the listing for SEO Spokane. It happens so gradually that you don’t see it until it is already done. Which leads me to another mistake I tend to make; rushing. Sometimes I try to rush to get things done before I wander off course, or get distracted.

Being someone that is never satisfied with a project is a good thing as long as I control it. Thank you Google for teaching me to work smarter and more focused.

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