February 22, 2017

A niche will save your marketing life

#2 Niche.

So how important is having a niche when it comes to your online marketing success? Very. It is just about the most important variable.

Most of you starting your first online business are thinking way too large; your scope of reference is huge? Narrow it down. A lot. And now narrow it down some more.

I know this can be tough, but try to put yourself in the shoes of the person that is looking for what you are selling. Imagine what and how they would look for you. I think you will realize that people are looking for something pretty specific when they are searching for something. For example, they are not looking for ways to start a business, they are looking for ways to file an LLC. Or they aren’t just searching for shoes, they are searching for snow boots. As a photographer, it wasn’t long before I realized that people weren’t searching for a photographer. They were searching for Wedding or family photographers. You don’t search for a car you search for a particular brand of car; a certain make and model.

This is one reason why having a niche is so important; people rarely search the internet that way. Secondly, your competition would be way too insane. The goal should be to do well in your niche.

Your niche is even better when you find it by answering the question of how can I better serve my customers. There are a lot of businesses that sell a product or a service that never really ask the question. They make something and then push it on people asking them if they want it. It should be the other way around. What do they want, and then make it.

Put yourself in their shoes. Ask them questions. Get to know them and their needs. Eventually, you will discover a product or service that they need or one that you can improve on. Make that product or provide that service then let them know about it. See a need. Fulfill a need.

Take your Website subject and try to narrow it down some. If you sell shirts, just sell one kind of shirt. You can always build on that later, and add more variety.

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