June 29, 2017


Offpage SEO

Your Site’s SEO Can Be Broken Down Into These Sections:

Research. On-Page SEO. Off-Page-SEO. Social. Misc.


Unlike on-page SEO, offpage SEO is all that stuff you do to help market your site on the internet without actually doing anything to your site directly. Most people think of SEO as something you only to do your site and that is it. The truth is, SEO is everything you do to market your site.

Setup Alerts

  • It’s really cool that you can do this. You can set up alerts in your gmail that will let you know when certain content is posted. If you setup an alert for your business name and someone mentions your business you get an email letting you know.

Create Social Media Profiles. 

  • This one should be obvious, but your website should have social accounts associated with it.

Find Links Competitors are using for content you already rank for

Guest Post on Influencer Websites

  • This can be a tough one if you are worried about using all your knowledge to help someone else. So, don’t help your competition. Look for companies that support what you do and then see if you can post on their sites.

Comment on blogs

  • If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of writing posts on someone else’s blog, you can just comment on a few. For some of us commenting is much easier.

Sponsor Events

  • I did some work for a local roller derby so I asked if I could be a sponsor at their matches.

Join Chamber of Commerce

  • The chamber can be a great resource for networking. They have meetings all the time. If someone uses you at the chamber, chances are really good they will tell others about your service and go with you first. Not to mention they will spread the word.

Do Guess Podcasting

  • Locate podcasters and send them an email. I like to tell them what I like about their podcast and then explain why I think I would be of some help.

 Get on LinkedIn Pulse

  • Share posts with LinkedIn and write posts from your LinkedIn profile.

Find Sites Using Your Images and Ask For a Link Back.

  • Google will allow you to search for your images. Did you know that? If you find anyone using your images, contact them and ask for a link back to your site.

Use Hashtags to Request Links.

  • #itactuallyworks I will sometimes mention that I am looking for likes or shares in my hashtags. Especially on twitter and instagram. #sharethis #offpageSEO

Submit Testimonials

  • When you submit a testimonial do so with some care and be thorough. Just saying you liked something isn’t really good enough. Tell people exactly why or why not. Go into some detail.

Answer Relevant Questions on Forums. 

  • For a number of you this could be really a big one. I know a lot of you are specialists in your field, whether it is design or programming, or even marketing; help others with your advice.

Find Content that Kind of Works and Improve On it. 

I love this tip. Go through your site using Google Search Console and locate posts and pages that are not doing that well and improve them. Most of the time it seems that what is not working that well is that the content is not helping your customer any. Either that or it is hard to understand. I know of one company that had a page that was underperforming and when they checked to see why they found out that part of the code on the page was preventing the page from being displayed. They fixed that and the page began to improve its ranking.