April 10, 2017

Start Taking Advantage Of This Market

Spokane SEO

Learn How to Capitalize in This Market Due To How Spokane Treats SEO

The current state of SEO in Spokane is not that great. There are lots of decent looking sites out there, but it seems few have put any real thought into their site’s SEO. I have searched for items in Spokane and have come to the simple conclusion that the majority of businesses in Spokane do not understand the value in Search Engine Optimization. A great deal of them could improve their rank in the search results simply by having better titles written for their websites. When people are searching Google for something in Spokane they browse through listing after listing. Your listing could stand out much better than it does, don’t you think? Does your website have your business phone number somewhere visible? It should be very easy to find. How about a rating showing up in the search results?

“If you haven’t done anything with SEO in the last five years your website is out of date”

Does your site have an online presence in social media? Does your social media contain posts and comments that are not related to your business?

Everything you do online affects your bottom line. Everything from how quickly you respond to your client’s comments to what pictures you are using for your stock photography is important to your success. Your brand is more than just your logo. Your color scheme and font choices should be the same on all your social accounts whenever possible.

These examples are just a few things you can do to improve your site’s rank. The good thing is that Spokane doesn’t yet know the value of well-executed marketing plan. A website isn’t much more than a glorified business card to a lot of people in Spokane. This means you don’t have a ton of competition and with a few changes to your site and marketing, you should be able to outrank your competitor rather easily.

Stand Out From the Crowd!

If you have a business site in Spokane you can immediately stand out from the majority of sites by simply rewording a few things. Way too many sites have vague titles. For example, let’s say you are searching for a really nice wood table for your conference room. Does the following listing in Google stand out at all?

Compare it to this ad at the top of the listings;

The first example is vague, redundant and boring. Sorry, but it is. There is no reason why they should be using the keywords, ‘conference table’ more than once.

The second example targets those interested in traditional and modern designs. doesn’t. We were searching for a really nice wood table. One says custom the other says quality. Which one do you think people are more likely to click? You see, Spokane is not really up to speed when it comes to SEO which means you could get a jump on them and rank better right now.

Pull. Don’t Push!

You can have what your competition lacks. SEO is not about pushing yourself on your market. This is the old way of thinking.

It is not the best strategy to write content and then tell everyone why they need to read it. But this is exactly how the majority of Spokane SEO is approached. They do a push rather than pull style of marketing. You should be very wary of a marketing plan that insists on “going after” your clients. Your marketing plan should be looking for ways to solve your customer’s needs thus drawing them to you. Your marketing should be that cool glass of ice water on a hot summer day. Let them come to you.

Do You Have To Hire An SEO Expert?

Not really. If you don’t have time to do the SEO yourself, then sure, maybe you need to hire someone. Just make sure they are up to date on the current trends of SEO marketing. Methods used 5 or so years ago are out of date. This site is dedicated to help you solve your SEO problems by offering free advice and tips to improve your ranking. I am not getting paid for this. 🙂 I am just a little frustrated by the scams and people being taken advantage of, but that is another post entirely.


Let Me Help You

I can help you even more if you let me know what you need in regards to understanding SEO. It is much easier to answer questions if they are have been asked first. 🙂

So comment below, or contact me and ask away. Thanks!!




Timothy is a web design and graphic artist that has been working in the business for over 20 years and has designed and built thousands of websites including one for a major ad firm in Spokane. In addition to graphic design and web development he also worked as a photographer on several films made in the Spokane area. You can connect with him on facebook and Google+.

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