April 4, 2017

Why I Choose Launched IT

Launched IT

They can do it all. Absolutely number one for web design, development, and marketing in Spokane!

Finding the right company in Spokane

LaunchedIT is the only company in Spokane that I would trust with my business.

The entire process is important. I want it done right from beginning to end. I don’t want to hire a part time college student to build my site. What do they know about the entire process? They might be good at setting you up with a good template, but what are they going to do when you need to transfer your old email from your old domain to your new domain? What if you need to have your new email merged with a gmail account? Can a student or family friend do that? And what about when it comes time to promote your site? Are they going to understand all the ins and outs of online marketing?

Launched IT is made up of a group of professionals that know design, web development and the marketing thereof. They have talent and experience in every stage of development that a site goes through whether that is a new site or a relaunch of an older site.

Some companies in Spokane can provide you with a template. LaunchedIT goes further and can provide you with hosting solutions, database backup, DNS changes, email management, and much more. All with keeping in line with the best practices and marketing concepts from start to finish. Not to mention, while they do all of that they are not losing site of your company branding. Everything is seamless.

And did I mention secure? (Again, what does your guy know about internet security?) LaunchedIT uses secure coding methods that use highly scaleable frameworks with plenty of community support. Netflix and Intuit use the same cloud computing AWS that LaunchedIT uses. That should tell you something.

Where else can you go to get a new logo, website, emails, business cards, SEO, Social Media help, and mobile app development? All at one company? Without that company outsourcing to someone else??

In all my searches I have found only one that can do it all and that is LaunchedIT! 

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