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May 18, 2017

Content for Searches and Social Media

Not all content is the same, even if it is the same content

Content writing and post planning

What? What in the world do I mean by that?

Ask yourself, where does your content get its traffic. From a search or from a shared post?

A post designed for social media is very different than one just designed to show up in search results. The titles are different, the media is different and the use of links are very different.

Where do you want people to find your content? In a search on Google or a shared FB post? Get to know your audience. Are they looking to find your product or service on Google or FB? Are you looking for shares or links? People are not searching for shares. They are searching for links to information. The difference can sometimes be overlooked.

Moz Social Medial Content Example

Moz Example Search Content

When Writing Content for Social media:

  • Titles are longer and more compelling.
  • More sensationalistic content.
  • Pull quotes. Images. Videos.
  • More bullet points. Less text.
  • Content is much more graphic. Meaning images. 🙂

When dealing with social media keep in mind that people are not looking for what you are sharing. You want them to be glad you presented them with something without them asking you for it.  You have to put something in front of them that is attractive to that potential client and that will grab their attention.

When writing content for search results you are often striving to answer a question.

When Writing Content for a Google Search:

  • Titles explain product or service.
  • Factual. Information.
  • Paragraphs are longer.
  • Structured Data.

Today we need to be producing content that will work well in the social world and in search results too. Great SEO will help you to get your content seen, but from there it is the content that will generate results, or it won’t. SEO is like a launch pad. Your content is the rocket. Will the rocket fly or will it be a dud?

So, here is my advice to you:

  • Think about what your customer wants and needs.
  • Write about that. Give them what they are looking for.
  • Show what you mean with images when possible.
  • Explain what your content in a video.
  • Write titles that work well in Social Media and when found in a regular search.

Good content is entertaining and informative. Use images and video to help pass on good information. Make sure your information is trustworthy. Citing sources can help with that.

Combining the two styles of content in a delightful way is good for business.

Don’t just trust me, try these other SEO sources as well.



Timothy is a web design and graphic artist that has been working in the business for over 20 years and has designed and built thousands of websites including one for a major ad firm in Spokane. In addition to graphic design and web development he also worked as a photographer on several films made in the Spokane area. You can connect with him on facebook and Google+.

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